Nutrition Services

Welcome to FWCS Nutrition Services

Fort Wayne Community Schools, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the largest school system in Indiana.

FWCS Nutrition Services provides over 5.5 million nutritious meals per year to elementary and secondary students and staff at affordable prices of $1.50, $1.60, and $2.80 respectively. In addition, à la carte sales exceed 700,000 meal equivalents annually. We support the activities of FWCS schools and departments by providing food and services almost anytime anywhere.

In addition, we provide education on nutrition and related subjects by professional Registered Dietitians and others at no charge to schools, departments and the community at large. About 4,000 students receive this benefit each year.

Mission Statement

Nutrition Services facilitates learning by providing nutritious affordable meals and nutrition education for students, staff, and the community.


Nutrition Services will actively contribute to children's wellbeing by providing and promoting good nutritional choices and physical activity and by advocating for the life-long adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Through education, children will be taught the importance of adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how it positively influences their cognitive development, self-esteem, and social and physical growth, both now and in adulthood.

Parent Participation

We encourage parent participation and welcome a visit to any of our school cafeterias. Parents can eat with their students by calling the school before 9:30 to order and purchase a lunch.